Tutorez: Building a development team

The Tutorez team is back with good news about putting together a development team to build the new Tutorez platform being sold in the US during their stay with Devlabs. “Last week we were worried about building the new business to business platform that I have been selling to new clients here in Silicon Valley,” says co-founder Alejandro Carbonell.

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Tutorez: Roadblocks to fulfilling new features

Last week the founders of Tutorez landed their first customer after pivoting to a business to business model while working with Devlabs. “Now we have to build the platform that we promised,” says Vittorio Calcagno who is the CTO and lead backend developer.

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Tutorez: Getting their first US client

In their third week working with Devlabs, co-founders of Tutorez, Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno have closed their first deal for Tutorez using their new B2B business model.

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Tutorez: Pivoting the Business Model

Co-founders of Tutorez, Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno, are in Oakland working with Devlabs to incubate their software company. Tutorez connects tutors with learners to schedule in-person tutoring sessions.

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Startup Tutorez visits Devlabs

Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno have joined Devlabs in Oakland, CA for 6 weeks to support early stage software startups grow their business. The co-founders of Tutorez, an online platform for connecting learners and tutors, launched early this year in Panama and have gotten a lot of early traction.

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