Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno have joined Devlabs in Oakland, CA for 6 weeks to support early stage software startups grow their business. The co-founders of Tutorez, an online platform for connecting learners and tutors, launched early this year in Panama and have gotten a lot of early traction.

“Tutorez is showing a lot of potential and we are taking advantage of this momentum to focus on customer and product development,” says co-founder Alejandro. “It’s great to be able to visit Silicon Valley and to learn from the mentors and other companies at Devlabs.”

Devlabs is an incubator that works with companies in the USA and in Latin America and the Caribbean. “We give teams mentorship in business development and technology,” said jose d lopez partner at Devlabs. “We help them to see the quickest way to test strategies without wasting time and resources.”

Alejandro and Vittorio will be in Oakland for about 6 weeks and outside of Devlabs they plan to attend meet ups, visit other startups and learn about the culture of Silicon Valley.

“I am looking forward to networking with other technical co-founders and finding new approaches and tools in Silicon Valley,” says Vittorio. “We have new products in development and I am looking to make the best decisions about scalability and where to focus my team’s time.”