Last week the founders of Tutorez landed their first customer after pivoting to a business to business model while working with Devlabs. “Now we have to build the platform that we promised,” says Vittorio Calcagno who is the CTO and lead backend developer.

“In Panama we were catering to individual tutors,” says Vittorio. “We have to build new functionality that will allow organizations to manage groups of tutors and allows them to receive metrics about their use.”

Co-founder Alejandro Carbonell leads up customer development. “Today I had a really positive conversation with a company that provides tutoring services to multiple school districts,” says Alejandro. “Tutorez can save them a lot of time and money scheduling sessions and we can add a lot of value by providing them with data that they are not tracking.”

“This is an exciting time because we are building new features and we’re making exciting decisions about what to prioritize,” says Vittorio. “We also have new clients we need to get using the system as soon as possible.”

The development team of Tutorez is lean and is focused on the product getting traction in Panama.  “I am worried that we are missing a lot of components to our development team. We need a front end developer, a designer and an HTML developer,” says Vittorio. “It takes a lot of time to find talent and I am anxious to start building so we can test our product with clients.”