The Tutorez team is back with good news about putting together a development team to build the new Tutorez platform being sold in the US during their stay with Devlabs. “Last week we were worried about building the new business to business platform that I have been selling to new clients here in Silicon Valley,” says co-founder Alejandro Carbonell.

Devlabs helped to connect the Tutorez team to developers and designers. “It is tough for early stage startups to deal with staffing to do agile development so that they can pivot quickly,” says Ruben Hernandez partner at Devlabs. “We connected Alejandro and Vittorio to developers and designers to remove that obstacle so they can get their product in the hands of clients so that they can begin testing their product quickly.”

Tutorez now has two front-end developers from Devlabs working on the new features. Aura Barrera is an HTML and CMS developer at Devlabs who is making the HTML mockups. She passes them on to Devon Wesley who is working in AngularJS.

“We were lucky to have a productive meeting with Heather Quintal who is an expert in UX design,” says Alejandro. “She helped us think about the simplest and most intuitive ways to build out features for our clients.”

“Devlabs has given us access to talent that our development team needed in order to build these new features,” says Vittorio Calcagno, CTO and co-founder of Tuturez. “Alejandro can focus on selling and figuring out the product fit, knowing that we have an efficient development team that is building quickly.”