In their third week working with Devlabs, co-founders of Tutorez, Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno have closed their first deal for Tutorez using their new B2B business model.

“In Panama we are connecting students and tutors, but in the US we are selling a platform that helps businesses and schools schedule tutoring sessions,” says Alejandro.Last week the founders of Tutorez  realized that in order to achieve some of the early traction they gained in Panama they would have to pivot to a business to business (B2B) business model in the US.

This week Alejandro and Vittorio visited Latino College Preparatory Academy in San Jose CA. “Devlabs connected Tutorez to Raul Lomeli, principal at LCPA, to better understand the opportunity.  If Tutorez can save time and money, then there is a real opportunity,” said Ruben Hernandez, partner at Devlabs.

“We want to test the hypothesis that schools like LCPA, with existing tutoring programs,  can schedule tutoring sessions more easily and  track valuable data that shows the impact of the tutoring program,” says Alejandro.

While Alejandro is focused on getting more clients, CTO Vittorio Calcagno is interested in prioritizing features in the platform to meet the client’s needs.