Fireless is modernizing fire department communications in Chile

Diego Casetti comes from a family of firefighters in Chile, a country with a volunteer fire department system and one of the best in the region. His mother, father and sister are all firefighters, putting in hours at the station and on call when they are not at their jobs.

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Social impact businesses and Oakland’s tech scene

As the technology industry grows in Oakland, locals are hoping that local entrepreneurs will be leaders in innovation and that the culture of Oakland’s tech scene will reflect the community’s values. The nonprofit sector is a significant part of the Oakland economy and should be involved in producing software solutions for problems within that industry.

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Escuela Popular codes

Devlabs has partnered with Escuela Popular School in East San Jose to offer a bilingual course to adult students on coding and entrepreneurship. Participants are learning basic html and css while they discuss ways to apply software solutions to opportunities in their community. 

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LaborX wants to get Oakland working

Yscaira Jimenez founded LaborX to battle unemployment among talented, skilled workers in low-income communities like the Bronx where she grew up.  LaborX connects employers to untapped talent pools such as immigrants, veterans, and people without college degrees. 

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Tutorez heads home with a new product and talent to build it

Six weeks ago Tutorez co-founders, Alejandro Carbonell and Vittorio Calcagno, travelled to Silicon Valley from Panama to work with Devlabs, an incubator for tech startups. They are returning to Panama with a new platform to sell in the US market and a growing team to help them build it.

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Devlabs invests in high growth outliers from undervalued regions.