Devlabs has partnered with Escuela Popular School in East San Jose to offer a bilingual course to adult students on coding and entrepreneurship. Participants are learning basic html and css while they discuss ways to apply software solutions to opportunities in their community. 

Escuela Popular is a dual language academy in East San Jose that serves entire families of learners by offering K-12, adult education and child care. Escuela Popular is committed to providing challenging education to English language learners and has many staff and teachers that are graduates of their program.

I wanted to sign up for this course because I have always been interested in computer development,” said Armando Huerta, who is taking the course. “This type of work is the future.”

“I am here to get to know the community and I’m looking for talented people,” said Devon Wesley. Devon is a part of Devlabs and is also the CTO for Lambhub, a startup that connects jobseekers to employers. “We are just starting out, but soon we’ll be hiring, and I want to look to places like Oakland and East San Jose when we are looking for our first hires.”

Sheldon Trotman and Ruben Hernandez are facilitating the course along with Devon. “We introduced some of the startups that are working with Devlabs and I showed them some simple programs I have written to solve specific problems,” said Sheldon. “They are breaking off into small groups to talk about software they can build to solve problems or start companies.”