Devon Wesley of Devlabs is heading to Panama for three weeks to work for Tutorez a company that connects tutors and learners. Devon will be building in AngularJS to build out the front end of their new product their are selling to US companies.

 “I am excited to work with Tutorez and to travel to Panama,” said Devon. “It’s a great opportunity for me to learn how entrepreneurs work in different countries and to get a glimpse into a developer culture outside of the Bay Area.”

“We got to know Devon during our time at Devlabs and know that he can do the work,” said Vittorio Calcagno, co-founder and CTO for Tutorez. “We are lucky to have him join us and are excited to see how quickly we can get the new platform up and running.”

Devon will be joined by Sheldon Trotman, a recent MIT graduate who has had experience with two other startup companies. Sheldon will be the lead engineer for the front end team. They all met while at the Devlabs office in Oakland. “I already learned a lot from Sheldon and Vittorio and can’t wait to learn more,” said Devon.

Devon got his start at Devlabs working on his startup, a crowd funding platform to pay for medication internationally. Although it failed, Devon has stuck around with Devlabs, working as an engineer to help other startups from the network.

This spring Devon built the MVP product for Vibosity, an Oakland based startup measuring emotional health of youth. Devon also led trainings for startup teams in Jamaica and worked closely with several cohorts of entrepreneurs coming from Temuco, Chile.

“It’s great to get outside of Oakland and Silicon Valley to understand that there are big problems that need to be solved all around the world,” said Devon. “I want to bring these skills and ideas back to my community in Oakland.”