Value Proposition

Our portfolio of companies are using lean methodologies to develop early traction using less capital to produce higher returns. Our incubation process selects only the most capable teams that are supported by our ecosystem of domain experts, target customers and institutional funds. We select teams who are using software solutions to solve universal problems that can scale internationally.


Targeted Funds

We provide access to capital/finance to entrepreneurs who are building tech start-ups that provide access to basic services to people in undervalued regions in the Americas. We provide them with in-house technical expertise to build scalable and high impact software solutions that address a defined market. We are open to conversations with Limited Partners, Co-Investors, Angel Groups, Family Offices, Banks, and Foundations who like our results.


Local Leverage

We partner with tech ecosystems in the US, Chile, and Jamaica for incentive based financing and business creation support. We take on the early high risk of failure and provide very hands-on development while cost sharing, and potentially matching funds, available from ecosystem actors. Efficiently leveraging this local support is critical during the early product market fit period.