We invest in co-founders of tech startups by supporting them in the development of a software product that can reach a global market within 12 months. We offer support tailored each team’s needs, helping with product and customer development and connecting them to domain experts and specialists like UX designers, bankers and lawyers. 

We look to invest long term in teams that can create solutions, knowing that the first business idea they have may not be the one that sticks. Our goal is for teams to begin building and selling immediately so they can accelerate learning and develop a product and revenues through hands on experience.


Startup Stages



Market discovery phase, building an MVP for pilot customers to prove that the product generates real value


Validation of the solution, taking on paying customers, improving and automating process


Product market fit, establishing a repeatable sales processes, adding features, refining processes and growing users


Has reached a product market fit and sustainable revenue, company is ready to attract investment and continue scaling


Who do we work with?

  • 2-3 person teams: at least 1 builder, at least 1 seller 
  • Software driven product
  • Solving a large problem locally at a low cost that can scale
  • Knowledge and strong relationships with the community that is having the problem (Domain Expertise)
  • Solutions for organizations, companies or government agencies (B2B business model)
  • Solving big problems in education, agriculture, healthcare, finance, tourism


Who do we NOT work with?

  • Founders who don’t come from the communities that are having the problem
  • Changing behavior
  • Double-sided marketplace
  • Capturing fads
  • Physical products
  • B2C models


What makes us different?

  • We require a 2-3 week trial period to make sure its a personal fit
  • We do not offer curriculum or courses
  • We do not charge program fees or demand equity up front
  • We provide housing and office space at no charge
  • We pay for all the professional support specialists
  • We connect you to international teams to expand your perspective


Start building with us

Send us some information about yourself, team and startup and we will follow up with you.